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I Lost 18 Pounds in Just 1 Month

This is a short story submitted to us about a personal journey to lose weight and change a life for the better. I hope it helps a few people out there who are trying to lose weight, especially those who may have failed many times before.

I have always been what most would consider a “bigger girl”. In January 2016, I weighed 163 pounds, which is quite overweight for a woman my height (5' 1"). I wasn’t always this weight though. The only time I wasn't overweight was my teenage years.

I strived desperately over the years to get back to this healthy weight. But with a stressful and busy work life, I struggled to do so. Nothing seemed to work for me. I tried those diets I saw advertised on TV and nothing worked for me. I even tried some crazy internet diets like the acai berry diet, and the green tea diet and they didn't help me either.

None of the things I tried did anything for me. I was still overweight and honestly considered myself ‘fat’!

I Lose Weight Fast in Just 1 Month

That all changed in March 2016 though. I lost a staggering 18 pounds in only 30 days using an effective weight loss supplement I found online. Over the next few months, I continued to lose weight all the way until I lost over 30 pounds!

How did I do this? Well now I feel lucky that I came across this little-known supplement after I read an article on Facebook about a famous person who was using this exact same product to lose fat in preparation for photo shoots. If it worked for her I thought, shouldn’t it work for me?

Here's how I did it... I visited the website. There, I watched a video by a fitness expert who revealed step-by-step what was needed to lose weight quickly. I was shocked, because nobody had ever told me this information before! I had visited personal trainers, talked to dietitians, and doctors, and in all these years, nobody had ever really taught me how to lose weight and keep it off. So, I thought to myself "this is the last time I will try something like this" and tried this out of desperation honestly thinking it wouldn't work.

I ordered 3 bottles of the product and began taking it right when it came in the mail. At this point, I thought it would be really difficult and probably impossible to lose pounds by taking any supplement and that I would have to starve myself to see any progress. I was SO wrong!

I was taking it and I pretty much ate mostly whatever I was eating before, but I made sure to eat it at the specific times (breakfast, lunch, dinner and no food after 6:30 each day) and took the product as directed. Doing this together caused my metabolism to begin burning a thousand times faster than usual. It must be the secret fat-burning ingredients listed in the supplement and the times of day I was eating that made this happen. These things combined together along with a pretty decent diet made the fat literally melt right off my body!

How was I to know that this would boost my metabolism and begin burning fat almost immediately after starting it?!?!

My dreams really had come true! I was now closer to my ideal body weight than ever before! I felt slimmer, sexier, and healthier! My belly fat had shrunk, my butt was firmer, my thighs were tighter, and my cheeks were no longer round and chubby!

Weight loss really is possible, and there are studies that prove it. Honestly, some people I know barely recognized me! I loved my new body and it was all 100% thanks to this supplement. It really changed my life.

I Continue to Lose Weight!

I am continuing to eat healthy and still taking the supplement and the fat is still dropping off! I'm aiming to get down to 115 lbs and I am probably going to get there in less than a month!

This diet has been one of the best experiences of my entire life. I didn’t have to starve myself at all, I didn’t have to do any really unhealthy things and didn’t have to work my butt off at the gym. And, I didn’t have to eat nasty boring food!

This exclusive supplement I take contains high-quality green coffee, raspberry ketone extracts and Garcinia Cambogia, all of which have been perfectly blended to optimize the weight loss benefits. The ingredients in this have been proven to work thought science and research studies. It works for me and it should really work for most anyone who tries it and gives it enough time to work. 

In my opinion, this is the only real solution out there today if you are looking a real way to lose weight fast. It worked for me, and I believe it will work for you too.

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